Pia Engström Agesen graduated in 2013 from the Academy of Art in Aarhus, Denmark also called Århus Kunstakademi. Pia Engström Agesen is currently working both on the wheel throwing mostly decorative bowls for an upcoming exhibition in Hatfield, UK this summer. She is also doing some sculptural work for an exhibition this fall on Bornholm, Denmark. Both of these work-in-progress has proven to be inspired very much by nature. Therefore her work has a natural and honest way of showing as she loves the clay itself just as much as slips and glazes. That being said, she is starting to develop her own glazes and we will probably see more glazed work from her in the near future. In her sculptural work Pia is drawn by working with opposites. One example would be lightness and fragility versus strength and masculinity. The challenge and difficulty lies in finding harmony in the contradictions involved. This is something which is very much reflected in her present work.