I have a strong urge to explore the natural beauty of various types of clay, when I am working on the wheel. I like to keep it simple - with respect for the clay itself. I tend to work with red clay or a sculptural type of clay as it gives the deepness and authentic originality that I am looking for. I strive not to be too perfect during the process as I like the little "errors" or disparities if you like both during the forming process as well as during the firing process.
When firing, I have been working with slips alone. I am packing each vessel individually in seaweed and various materials given by nature. I then fire it in my electric kiln up to 1100 degrees. It is always exciting to see what comes out in the other end, as you never really have fully control. This I quite enjoy as we are not meant to control everything in life - I think.
Keramik FH 15.JPG

Sculptural work

My final exam at the Academy of Art in Aarhus, Denmark

"The Other Side"

3 years of working with clay in various forms and then suddenly expressing myself in my final work made me humble. "The Other Side" is very much reflecting where I am at today. The title also indicates that you do not necessarily know what is on the other side…..of the sculpture.

In this project I have been working intensely with the space and room within the outer room of my black sculptures. The deepness, the darkness, the mysteriousness and the unknown is what attracts me. As a contradiction, if you like, to the black sculptures I have been working with sliced clay, which is upright, it is on its way out in life, it is fragile, yet solid, it is colorful yet black or plain white. The most important discovery during my work with this particular project, was to explore opposites like lightness and fragility versus strength and masculinity. Finding harmony with the two poles acting was my goal.